Everyone wants to be healthy and look good at the same time and there is no better way to do it than bodybuilding. It involves exercising to strengthen the body and burn fat as well as weight training to provide you with a sturdy and well formed physique.
How does one achieve it then? The answer lies in an effective and well managed muscle-building plan. In just a few weeks you can have a body that is definitely different from what you have now. Not only this, you will also experience a considerable boost in your self esteem.
What’s the perfect way to do it? Just follow the following guides and you can’t go wrong in your muscle-building plan.

  • Proper Form. Always exercise in the proper form especially when you are just starting out. Get professional advice from a trainer to kick-start your plan. It is imperative that you learn the correct form to prevent any injuries.

  • Major Lifts. It is good to start off by working on several muscle groups first by doing squats, shoulder press, leg press, and lateral pull-down. You can also try simple body weight exercises such as the plank and lunges.

  • Rep Range.To gain muscles, it is advisable for beginners to use an eight to twelve rep range. This will enable you to gather strength and acquire considerable muscle size. A lower rep range is suitable for toning up the muscles that you have already gained.

  • Training Intervals. Sessions should be scheduled weekly, allowing room for intervals in between to let new bodybuilders to check on their sores and prevent them from being overpowered by the rigors of the exercises.

  • Stretching Exercise. A few minutes of stretching can greatly help in alleviating the soreness that you feel after each training session. Try to do it even during training intervals to help ease the soreness and pain.

  • Nutrition. Muscle-building involves strenuous exercises which can deplete your energy reserves. Power up by eating the right amount of carbohydrates and protein and get an ample supply of water to replenish fluid that your body has shed off. The best thing to do is to prepare a dietary plan that you can follow.

  • Machine and free weight exercises. Machine exercises can help a new bodybuilder work out using the proper form while free weight exercises provide him with a higher balance and strength level. Combined, they can be of great help to a beginner muscle-builder.

  • Lifting and Cardio Training. To optimize your strength gains, do your weight lifting first. This will enable you to focus your energy on muscle building. Cardio training can be done after lifting weights as it does not need too much energy, making use of fats in the body instead.

So, equipped with this knowledge you are now ready to take the next big step: start building up those muscles and be on your way towards a healthier and better looking you.