There are always instances when you have a friend who has a well sculpted body and the first reaction that you have is to learn what they did and follow it by the book. To some extent, this is true, but not always.
When making use of an exercise regimen, it is important that it fits your body type. Not every workout available is effective for every body type, but there is one that surely is – metabolic training. This has been proven to be very effective for any body type because it mainly targets the metabolism of the individual, allowing you to burn calories even when you are at rest.
This is mainly a four minute workout at most which alternates at least a 20 second routine followed by a ten second rest period. The more common routine has to alternate pushups and squats which are done for 20 seconds each. In between every set, a ten-second rest period should be done.
Its effectiveness might be doubtful especially that it is a routine that is normally done with four minutes only. However, research has shown that it is indeed effective capable of help burning 63 calories during the routine and 297 calories right after.
Speaking of metabolic workout, here are five that are commonly being circulated in the ears of the public that are myths rather than facts.
First Myth: Continuous Jumping Helps Lose Fat
It is true that jumping helps in losing the accumulated fat; however, it is the knees that will suffer. This can be proved by the knee bands seen in people who provide testimonies fro intense workout plans.
In cases such as these, it is better to jump on a 12 to 20-inch box and go down by stepping one foot off at a time because you still lose the same amount of fat from it.
Second Myth: Push Your Body towards the Brink of Exhaustion
This should never be the case. It is important that you are still able to continue by the time tomorrow comes around. Always make sure that you are still able to move because if you push your body too much, it makes it harder to recover.
Third Myth: Exercise should be done Everyday
Rest periods are also necessary because this gives your body time to recover. Again, if you push your body too much, it may have the opposite effect on your body especially if you are aiming to build muscle.
According to experts in the field, it is best if the workout does not go beyond two consecutive days. Take a day off after the second day.
Fourth Myth: Moving Faster Creates Better Results
Resistance training is better than this myth because it improves metabolic rates at an efficient rate. According to some studies, those who did resistance training were able to maintain the spike for 72 hours.
Fifth Myth: Adding Technical Exercises are good
It is better to do self-limiting exercises which are exercises which you can do until you cannot do anymore.

Time and again, most fitness center or instructor will have something new to offer; however, nothing beats targeting where it starts. Improving the metabolism is a god way to make sure that you will be able to burn even while resting.