Whether you are an athlete or a person on diet what is most important is what you eat. However the interesting part is that there are many nutritional facts that we are unaware of that can really make a difference. We are often aware of the health benefits of protein. It is a must for athletes. Even if an athlete conducts a vigorous amount of training he would not be able to attain the desired affect if his protein intake is not sufficient. It would not be wrong to state that proteins accelerate the effect of training and supplements that the athletes take. Another thing to keep into consideration is the Thermic Effect of Food. This is the energy that is required if the food needs to be metabolized and you would be surprised to know that proteins have a much higher level of TEF in comparison to other foods. If you want the maximum Thermic effect you need to consume a large number of vegetables. All those who are dieting out there can be happy with the fact that when you intake proteins they all act as an appetite suppressant. No wonder they are recommended by most of the dieticians out there.
However, you have to be wise in your selection of proteins as well. It is better to opt for white meat like fish and that can be pretty good for the heath. Low fat foods should be the first on your list. A good option is pastas and bread. Now coming to alcohol the consumption of this tends to be a bit controversial because there is one established fact regarding the alcohol and that is when the alcohol is consumed it can trigger off the appetite of a person. Thus a person can gain a lot of body fat.
One golden rule is that whenever you are planning to have a big meal you need to start off with some fat burners so that the big meal does not have affect your health in an adverse way. These fat burners are suppressants. Therefore, from the above mentioned facts we can draw the following conclusion. The first one being that if you are planning a cheat meal you should surely have a protein on your plate. The second important fact is that you even if you have to consume the carbohydrates they need to be of the right kind. Alcohol is assumed to prevent diabetes. However, the excess consumption can hold its own potential risks. Another thing to remember is that the day, you want to have the cheat meal make sure that you eat less during the day. This way you will have a big reserve of calories that you can use up for the cheat meal. Therefore, you can even get away with some extra calories once in a while provided you plan your meals the right way and thus you can protect your body from any negative effects that the cheat meal can have on your body.